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President's Welcome

Its been a long and momentous three years of UNA, a vision established by our Chartered Leader for the first years of our esteemed Chapter. It was set to establish the framework for future endeavors, oriented towards the achievement of Professional growth, to seek out and unite Filipino Architects in the UAE and service those who want to be Registered and Licensed Architects. We have come a long way from the chartering event, and now, here we stand, 130 member-strong and still growing.

I salute you for this achievement. I salute you for making it possible for architects like me to be able to “come back” to my vows as a Registered and Licensed Architect. Such was my case 3 years ago. And now, here we are.
The responsibility of Leadership is not to be taken lightly. But I would like to. Because Leadership, if taken passionately and with humbleness, becomes a natural event in one’s character. Once this happens, Servant-Leadership will transform from an enormous and seemingly undoable task, to a mission-driven goal. We want to be mission-driven. We want to be passionate. We want to serve. We want to make a difference.

Let me share with you my high school alma matter’s motto. Noblese Oblige, Nobility Obligates – your nobility, your dignity is great, and great, therefore, is your responsibility. Our chosen profession sets us apart. Through hard work and determination, we have been given an honorable charge of being RLAs, a coveted stature that is the center of our professional endeavor. We are now expected to be responsible for those who look upon us with trust and confidence, we are therefore, responsible for each other and the community that we belong to. We need to continue our mission for ourselves and other Architects here in the UAE. Despite our geographical disconnection from the motherland, let us uphold our values and ethics as RLAs so that we may influence a wave of professionalism and brotherhood.¬ So that we may uphold the culture of the Filipino Architect on the world scene. We will be mission-driven. We will be passionate. We will most definitely serve. And we will ultimately make a difference. The reason why we will do all these things is because WE ARE a rare breed of professionals.

Ours is profession of distinction, a masterful symmetry and asymmetry of design, art and technology. We are molded to be creators of space, of the built environment. We master the art of enhancing regimented formations and geometries with skillful articulations. We influence moods, thinking and temperament with the volumes and gestures of our grand designs. We also master technology that behind every great design, there is a knowledge of buildings, of how they are put together and we are skilled in telling how this story is told or laid out. We are Architects.

We shall then forge ahead. Move by way of example for the rest of our members, so that we may inspire and set forth progressive motions. After the three great and eventful years of establishing a community of Filipino Architects in the UAE, let us move with efficiency and clarity of goal. We have the formational visions during the first three years. Now let us move forward.

Fortitude Onward.

“Strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage.” says Merriam and Webster Dictionary.

Such is the vision for which I would like to base our leadership on this year. That in this short span of time, we may conjure a tidal wave of motions and thinking to inspire and direct our paths for the years ahead. We shall seek further measures to develop our professional members towards professional practice and skills development. We shall inculcate into our Graduate Auxiliary the passion for their ultimate goal and strive our committed best to guide them in achieving the ultimate results. We shall create servant-leaders, that all may serve the purpose of the greater good. We shall reach out and enhance our philanthropic frontline more that we may give back to those who are much more in need of our compassion and help. That within this act we may instill kindness and love towards others and that we may exemplify love and respect of God. We shall uphold our values and professional conduct that we may keep sight of our sworn oaths.

In all these aspirations and more, we will endeavor to be humble Architects of fortitude and integrity.

Fortitude Onward.